What are the challenges?


Brazil has an enormous potential for UK companies, but it will take time, money and effort. Challenges include:


Bribery and corruption

There can be problems with bribery and corruption in Brazil. If you believe what you see in the media, it pervades all sections of society – from the residents of shanty towns paying for protection, to business people wanting to get their goods into the country more quickly, to politicians who appear keen to make money from jumping allegiances at the drop of a hat.

In 2013, Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) rated Brazil in 72nd place out of 177 countries – but above fellow BRIC markets China, India and Russia. The Brazilian Government appears to be making some moves in the right direction, but many view these as insufficient to engender real change. However, most international companies operating in Brazil and most of the large Brazilian companies and organisations now frown on any illegal practices.

The majority of business deals are corruption free and, while you should be aware of the possibility of illegal practices, you should not indulge in the hope of getting business quickly.


Source - UKTI


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